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Studds Accessories Ltd Unlisted Shares

Consumer Goods

About Company:

Studds Accessories started their journey in 1972 from manufacturing the first helmet, to today manufacturing 7 million helmets and luggage every year. The company has become the largest manufacturer of two-wheeler helmets in the world.

Company Overview

The company manufactures an extensive array of over 50 products and has headquarter in Faridabad. Today, the company has more than 26% market share in India offering products to more than 40 countries worldwide. 

The company has made significant investments to develop a world-class R&D facility with an endeavor to improve the quality of the products. 

Despite so many challenges in the market, Studds performed well and grew by 10.85%. Its operating EBIDTA grew by 41.6% and PAT grew by 81.05%. 

Talking about the unlisted share, details of the company includes:- total available shares are 10 whose face value of Rs 5 per equity share, lot size is 25 shares, the current unlisted share price is Rs 1650 per equity share and the retail discount is 1% on the bulk deal.


Name Designation

Mr. Madhu Bhushan Khurana Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Sidhartha Bhushan Khurana Managing Director

Mr. Shanker Dev Choudhry Independent Director

Ms. Pallavi Saluja Independent Director

Mr. Pankaj Duhan Independent Director

Mr. Manish Mehta Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Saurav Kumar Company Secretary

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

Promoter 1,53,56,160 78.04 Others 43.20,540 21.96 Total Outstanding shares 1,96,76,700 100

Annual Reports

Annual_Report_2019-20 (Studds)
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Annual_Report_2018-19 (Studds)
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Annual_Report_2017-18 (Studds)
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Investing Opportunities

Through investing in the unlisted shares, the investors get an excellent opportunity of investment where they can buy shares at lower valuations and prices. If they enter the PRE-IPO level and the company offers professional money management through the buyof one mutual fund share. 

Studds Accessories have been growing at a steady pace due to its growth in the automobile sector, increasing awareness of safety regulations for helmets, and rising disposable income. 

The company is the world's largest two-wheelers manufacturing company that creates a safe riding experience for millions of customers by improving its products and venturing into new geographies. Thus, you could invest in the unlisted shares of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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