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Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Unlisted Shares


About Company:

Sterlite Power ltd. The dominant global innovator company of power transmission, with an industry-leading valise of OPGW, power conductors, EHV cables, and much more. It offers solutions for upgrading, praying, and strengthening networks. It has set new benchmarks in the industry by the use of technologies and innovative financing. Sterlite Power ltd. comes from extensive use of technology that led to innovative solutions in executing complex projects.

Company Overview

They bid to install transmission lines to provide electricity across the country. They get fixed annual charges for supplying electricity. Sterlite Power, the influential developer of integrated power conveyance and solutions, focuses on addressing complicated challenges in the sector by tackling the key constraints of time, space, and capital. 

It operates power transmission assets across many geographies and helps to meet the industry's need for capital by implementing projects on a BOOM. It provides bespoke solutions to solve intricate problems for potential utilities that are specialized in upgrading, uprating, and strengthening power delivery networks. 

Sterlite Power transmission rolled out reliable communication networks hence advancing the digital India mission.


Name Designation

Pratik Pravin Agarwal Managing Director

Anuraag Srivastava Chief Financial Officer

Ashok Ganesan Company Secretary

Manish Agarwal Chief Executive Officer

Amitabh Prasad Country Manager, Brazil

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

Promoter and promoter group 4,65,70,601 76.12 Others 1,46,11,301 23.88 Total Outstanding shares 6,11,81,902 100

Annual Reports

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Download PDF • 4.23MB

Investing Opportunities

Unlisted Mitra provides investors with an excellent opportunity for investment in Sterlite power transmission unlisted shares . They can also buy a share at lower valuations and prices when they enter the RE-IPO level. In 2021, the ESL was achieved by Sterlite Power ltd. at the lowest ever cost during the year and its margin increased by 28%. 

The steel demand is expected to see a surge owing to the recovering economy, sprouting demand, and improving prices. It will have a multiplier impact on the steel demand. 

The company follows an integrated business model that earns revenue from contractual tariffs agreed under long-term contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

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