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Reliance Retail Ltd Unlisted Shares

Retail Company

About Company:

Reliance Retail, an Indian retail company is the largest retailer in India with revenue and its retail outlets. It offers foods, apparel, groceries, footwear, electronic goods, home improvement products, etc. The sourcing ecosystem of Reliance Retail works with small producers and manufacturers. It supports small producers to modernize their operations, reduce their leakages and reduce inefficiencies.

Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize retail in India, Reliance Retail is the largest, fastest achieving, and most profitable retail company in India. It is the only one to feature in the list of "Global Powers of Retailing". The total available unlisted shares are 100 whose face value is Rs 10 per equity share, lot size is 10 shares and the current unlisted share price is Rs 3500 per equity share. Unlisted Mitra is a good platform that lets you invest in the company's unlisted shares. The unlisted shares are the equity shares that are not listed on the stock exchange but they could be bought or sold in the secondary market through the amazing platform of Unlisted Mitra. This platform is supported by all the dedicated relationship managers, who are trustworthy and have a great experience.


Name (Promoters) Holdings

Reliance Retail Ventures Limited 99.95 %

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

Promoter and promoter group 498,70,26,060 99.95 Others 25,15,590 0.05 Total Outstanding shares 498,95,41,650 100

Annual Reports

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Investing Opportunities

In 2020, Reliance Retail has announced that it is acquiring the business of retail, wholesale, and logistics from the Future Group that would benefit them to their best. The company delivered EBITDA of 8373 crores in the year 2020-21 against the previous year one which was, 9518 crores. It had delivered a profit of 4599 crores against the previous year's one that was 5614 crore. Today, the customer base of Reliance Retail is around 157 million and the company has also started up Jio Mart services to enable home delivery of essentials across 200+ cities. Reliance retail is the retail initiative that provides people with unlimited choice, outstanding value, and superior quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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