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Philips Domestic Appliances India Unlisted Shares

Electronics Company

About Company:

Philips Domestic India limited is an unlisted share company that was embraced as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philips India Limited. It started as a software center in 1996 as one of the key innovation hubs for Philips. Its focus is to accelerate Philips's leadership as a health technology company. With highly qualified, motivated, and passionate professionals, Philips Domestic India ltd. has devised to become a hub of innovation.

Company Overview

Incorporated in 2020, it was involved in the sale of kitchen appliances, home care, garment care, and coffee makers. With over 130 years of experience, the company has provided value to the customers. The company has embedded design & innovation into domestic appliances and has a proven track record in delivering what the customers want. Unlisted Shares are the one that is not listed on the recognized stock exchange and are bought or sold out in the secondary market with the medium of Unlisted Mitra. Unlisted Mitra is a popular brand that deals in buying and selling all types of Unlisted and Delisted shares. The current unlisted market price of Philips India is 1600 and its EPS would become 28 after the demerger of the domestic appliances business.


Name Designation

S. M. Datta Chairman and Non-Executive Director

Daniel Mazon Vice - Chairman and Managing Director

Rajiv Mathur Director and Company Secretary

Sudeep Agrawal Director and Chief Financial Officer

Geetu Gidwani Verma Non-Executive Independent Director

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

Koninklijke Philips N.V. 5,52,90,182 96.13 Others 2,225,871 4.87 Total Outstanding shares 5,75,16,053 100

Annual Reports

Philips Annual Report 2020
Download PDF • 3.43MB

PhilipsFullAnnualReport2021-English (1)
Download PDF • 4.83MB

Philips Domestic Appliances MCA Format
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Investing Opportunities

Based in Kolkata, Philips Domestic Appliances ltd. is a public limited company whose iconic brand has inspired loyalty from millions of consumers who have benefited several companies. It has led to being the most valuable brand in the world across all the small domestic appliances brands. Now, its share price is 104.25, current market capitalization is Rs 605.55 crore, and has reported gross sales and total income of Rs 38849 crore and Rs 39128 crore respectively. The company has been monitoring and supporting operations daily and working with customers to help ensure safety and timely support to meet all their needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

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