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HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares

Finance Company

About Company:

HDB Finance unlisted shares, incorporated in 2007 is a one-stop shop to fulfill all the requirements from loans to investments. The company is a subsidiary of HDFC bank and serves both individual and business clients to expand their needs of an aspiring India.

Company Overview

HDB is the leading non-financial company that caters to the growing needs of an aspirational India. You could invest in unlisted shares through Unlisted Mitra, an awesome platform that lets the investors pool their money so that they could invest in vehicles and could take full advantage of professional money management. Unlisted Mitra helps investors to invest in the company before their IPO and listing. It is a complete solution for research and investment that also helps you own an idea with complete transparency of information. The total available shares of the company are 500 whose face value is Rs 10 per equity share, lot size is 25 shares and the current unlisted share price is Rs 950 per equity share.


Name Designation

Mr. Adayapalam Viswanathan Independent Director

Dr. Amla Samanta Independent Director

Ms. Smita Affinwalla Independent Director

Mr. Venkatraman Srinivasan Independent Director

Mr. G Ramesh Managing Director & CEO

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

Promoter (HDFC Bank Limited) 75,05,96,670 95.3 Others 3,69,82,986 4.70 Total Outstanding shares (2020) 78,75,79,656 100

Annual Reports

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Investing Opportunities

The price of unlisted shares is supported by HDB'S current product portfolio where it offers secured and unsecured loans to various customer bases. HDB has a strong product portfolio and is backed by management with sound corporate governance that benefits HDB financial services ltd. It has posted a strong CAGR of 26.64% revenue growth and has paid a dividend to shareholders. HDB's majority of shares are owned by HDFC bank where it gets the benefits of brand recognition, financial support, and resource raising abilities. The financial services share value of HDB have sound management and consistent growth history. The company is anticipated to grow faster than the industry average.

Frequently Asked Questions

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