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GG Automotive Gears Ltd Unlisted Shares

Automobile Company

About Company:

Established in 1974, GG automotive ltd. has been a leader in locomotive gears for the past 40 years. It undertakes to manufacture traction gears as a strategic shift from its traditional business to that of automotive gears.

Company Overview

GG automotive, a leading manufacturer of traction gears and pinions has been the market leader as within a few days of start, the company assumed the market leadership. The equity shares of GG automotive gears ltd. are listed on BSE Ltd. but the trading of shares has been suspended due to non-compliance. Unlisted Mitra is a good platform that provides a complete one-stop solution for research and investment. It provides you with the opportunity in the best recommended unlisted, delisted, and pre-IPO shares at an attractive valuation. Our team guides you in the best of the friendliest manner so that our investment ideas could help you. We offer investors to pool their money so that they could invest in a wide variety of investment vehicles and could enjoy money management. You could try investing in GGAG through Unlisted Mitra for better results.


Name Designation

Mr. Kennedy Gajra Managing Directors

Mr. Anmol Ram Gajra Whole Time Directors

Mr Shailendra Ajmera Non Executive Independent Director

Mr.Pravin kumar Shishodiya Non Executive Independent Director

Mrs Ruchi Sogani Non Executive Independent Director

Mr Narayan Shrivas Chief Financial Officer

Ms Divya Desai Company Secretary

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder Holding (in %)

Promoter 30.7 Public 69.3 Total Outstanding 100

Annual Reports

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Investing Opportunities

GGAG is a self-sufficient organization that is capable of developing and manufacturing gears, pinions, gearboxes, and forged automotive components. The experts of the company led them to diversify into the manufacturing of forgings through the integrated and newly installed unit. The company is a safe one and offers end-to-end solutions from the conceptualization of the product to its testing. The total available unlisted shares of GG automotive are 2000, its face value is Rs 10 per equity share, lot size is 500 shares and the current unlisted share price is Rs 42 per equity share. The company is already on the way to progress as it has obtained in-principle approval from BSE for the revocation of the company. Hence, it is a good company where you could invest to enjoy the benefits in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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