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Carrier Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd Unlisted Shares

Home appliance company

About Company:

Carrier Air-conditioning & refrigeration is a good company that is engaged in the business of providing the solutions of air-conditioning and refrigeration in India. The company manufactures commercial and light commercial equipment for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Company Overview

The company has a good brand value and sells its products in Indian as well as overseas markets. It has a long legacy in India when the company installed the country's first-ever air-conditioning system. The facilities provided by the company consist of a highly automated manufacturing unit, i.e excelled in R&D center with the advanced quality clinic. The program of the company establishes a framework and provides good tools for implementing the practices. Unlisted Mitra, a registered brand deals in buying and selling of shares and has sharply upgraded itself technologically so that it could serve its clients in a better way. This platform provides the ideal deals for investors to take the advantage of professional money management through the easy purchase of one mutual fund share.


Name Designation

Mr.Chirag Baijal Managing Director

Mr.Narendra Singh Sisodia Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr.Pankaj Prakash Sahni Non-Executive Independent Director

Ms.Nandita Luthra Whole-time Director

Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain Whole-time Director

Mr.HarAmrit Pal Singh Dhillon Non-Executive Director

Mr.Pritesh Agrawal Whole-time Director

Shareholders Pattern

Category of shareholder No. of shares Holding (in %)

United Technologies South Asia 10,26,18,689 96.47 Pacific Pte Ltd. (Promoter)

Others 37,58,056 3.53

Total outstanding shares 10,63,76,745 100

Annual Reports

Carrier Annual-Report 2020-21
Download PDF
Carrier Annual Report 2019-20
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Carrier Annual-Report 2018-19
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Investing Opportunities

The unlisted equities are the ones that are esoteric and inconspicuous. The people who dare to invest in Unlisted Shares are skilled business managers and exponents of finance. Sometimes the unlisted equities could be less liquid but the company itself can be an opportunity for profitable investment. The current share price of Carrier Air-conditioning & refrigeration is 94, current market capitalization is Rs 220.18 crore, gross sales of Rs 13252.9 crore, and the total income of Rs 13488.8 crore. Talking about the details of unlisted shares of the company:- the total available shares are 1500, its face value is Rs 10 per equity share, lot size is 100 shares, the current unlisted share price is Rs 385 per equity share and the retail discount is 1% on the bulk deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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